Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Waiting and Waiting.....

I spent the last week going through some of my favorite cards in the Stadium Club base set.  I felt a little bit unusual posting all kinds of cards from the base set without posting anything with a serial number or autograph on the card.  Since I did not actually open a box of Stadium Club I am more or less just piecing together the cards I like from the product.  Not quite as fun as opening a box, or some packs, but in the end I am still going to walk away with a complete set and a few nice autographs.  

I guess the end product is ultimately the same.  I set out through Ebay, Facebook Groups, and Twitter to track down a cool autograph from this product.  I ran into a familiar problem, I have mentioned in other posts, while trying to track down an autograph of a Cardinals, or Rays player.  Namely, they are all the same Cardinals and Rays players who always appear in every Topps product.  I love the Cardinals, but I am just not excited about Matt Adams.  

After contemplating several different directions, I landed my first autograph from Stadium Club last week, and it arrived in the mail this afternoon.  Here's my latest autograph:  

No Cardinals, no Rays, no problem.  I went with this Rodon since I loved watching him pitch at my alma mater NC State.  Rodon has had several autographs recently, and while I have not rushed out to buy them all, I am excited about his prospects of being a really good pitcher for a long time.  More Stadium Club in the near future....

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