Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We need to talk.....

I know I have dedicated a few posts over the last year to the Topps Bunt app.  I have heard all the complaints about how the cards are not real, the daily reward is not high enough, and I am not going to spend my time on cards I am never actually going to touch.  Yes, cards like this Hank Aaron autograph are really cool, but

I also understand I will never hold it in my own hands.  Definitely takes away a little bit of the enjoyment.  Still, I have continued to collect cards on Bunt.  Well, actually this what I need to talk to you about.  Again, I understand some of the gripes and complaints about the digital baseball card world, but it's still fun to open some packs and see some cards.  In fact, I went ahead and added the Star Wars card trader to my phone as well.  I know it's probably too many e-cards.....

It was all harmless when it started......


Who doesn't like Admiral Ackbar?  There are all kinds of classic Star Wars characters from back in my childhood.  Was I a huge Star Wars fan?  I liked the movies, I think huge is too far.  Still I liked the cards on the Star Wars Trader app.  The concept was simple with cards coming in the different factions from the movie with different color variations of each of the cards.  I like simplicity and I like collecting cards.  In my opinion, it's a cool app and loads of fun to collect these cards.  Others see it more like the most famous line from my friend Admiral Ackbar.....

I have actually learned a lot about the movies and characters from using this app.  Did I mention that it is free?  I know a lot of people do not like the Bunt app because the daily reward seems small and seems to be set up so that people spend their own money on the app.  I have a pretty good collection going after just a few months on the Star Wars Card Trader with exactly $0 of my own money spent on the app.  I receive 25,000 credits each day which buys me a few packs with a 60,000 credit as my weekly reward which buys many packs.  

Along the way I run to old favorites from my childhood like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.  I also run into people that leave me scratching my head.  Who is this guy?  What movie was he in?  

and that's where I can go find some people who really love Star Wars to fill me in with the answers.  I was leaning towards some sort of half lizard/dino/canine.  Here's the answer......

The inserts are a little easier to find on the Star Wars Trader app too.  I usually end up with at least one insert every week, if not more.  I have had some pretty long droughts on Bunt without find anything outside of base cards and some colored parallels.  The inserts look pretty cool too.

This has been the far most popular insert I have pulled.  I feel like I get a trade offer almost every day for it, but I like these throwback looking cards.  I do not know enough about Star Wars cards to say whether these are based on an older release of cards, but they are cool looking.  I actually have landed a few of these and have tried trading for a few others.  My most recent insert is this cool looking Luke Skywalker card.....

I know that this card is based on the 1977 Topps Star Wars cards.  Best of all it was a pretty long odds card (1:77) that I actually landed, which is one thing that I love about the Star Wars Card Trader.  There are some long odds on some of the cards, but it seems like every once in awhile you end up landing one.  On BUNT, outside of Hank Aaron, I cannot really think of a cool card where I really felt like I beat long odds to land the card.  

I understand that some collectors are going to be reluctant to do cards of any kind in an app, but I am having a lot of fun with the Star Wars cards.  I really like it a lot better than the BUNT and have actually started contemplating ending my account on and just sticking with the Star Wars Card Trader.  I fully understand that I will never own any of these cards, but it's still a fun few minutes out of my day.  

Give it a try.  I am glad we had this talk....


  1. Dude...Ig-88 and Bossk are both bounty hunters. And are therefore both amazing. Bounty hunters are the best part of Star Wars...especially Boba Fett. So good.

  2. That Luke card is actually the first card from the first series (blue) of the original set. It happens to be the card (dupe of course) that is on the outside of the binder that holds the 5 colored sets from ANH. So it's not based, but the actual card, in digital form. The IG-88 throwback is just a concept. They never released a set like that, though it's possible one of the Galaxy sets may have had something close to that as the Galaxy sets were all artist drawn.

    And if you are "learning more" about the moves from the card game, then you and I really do need to have a talk.

  3. I have really enjoyed the Star Wars Digital Trading Card app. It does seem to help that you get more credits per day and that the inserts and special cards are attainable. You won't get everything by playing with free daily credits, but you will at least be able to get a taste of most things.

    And that's really my problem with the Bunt app. I like the virtual baseball cards, but you don't get enough credits to buy a pack of something per day and inserts fall so rarely that you don't get a 'hit' often enough to hold your interest. Virtual games really have to rely on that little bump of excitement from a new achievement or a new level or a novel new card, and Bunt doesn't offer enough of that. I still log on and spend my credits every couple of days, but I am not nearly as engaged by Bunt as I am by the Star Wars app.

    1. Agree with your take on Bunt versus SWTC.