Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finest Ventura Highway Autograph

I spent a little bit of time last week working on a few trades and backed into a copy of a 2014 Topps Finest Yordano Ventura autograph. The twenty-three year Royals pitcher is an exciting young pitcher and has certainly been a key contributor to the teams raise to the top of the American League Central this season.  His fastball sits in the high nineties and occasionally tops out at 100 mph or more.  I'm not sure the results always matter when you throw that hard, but Ventura does see good results as the hardest throwing starter in Major League Baseball.

Ventura's ERA+ currently sits at 124, making him a very nice pitcher, and his FIP is currently 3.69 which puts him just outside of the American League Top 10.  Assuming that Ventura continues to grow and progress, the Royals should have a great pitcher for a long time.

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