Thursday, September 18, 2014

and here's a Triple Threads card....

Triple Threads is exactly the sort of product that I avoid like the plague.  Currently the boxes of the new Topps product are selling around the internet for around $170-$180 for two mini-boxes (really packs).  You should get something really good for that much money, but it does not happen enough to justify dropping that sort of scratch on these boxes.  The fear being that I would spend almost $200 on a box and end up with an autograph of some guy like Enny Romero or Jake Odorizzi.  Their cards sell for $5 to $10.  The names on cards would be cool with me, but that's not a great return on the money invested.

So, long story short, in the past few years in typing up blog posts about baseball cards, I have made 39 posts about cards from Triple Threads and almost none of those cards came from packs of cards.  Triple Threads has been out for a week?  The cards have had a little bit of time to cool off on the secondary market?  Sounds good, let's go.  Here's my first card from this year's set......

This set has had a nice evolution over the years and I must say that I really enjoy this year's design.  I like how the traditional three pieces of relic are spread out across the card with a cool little die cut surrounding each of the swatches.  The name on the left side of the cards is a little hard to spot, but it's a pretty small detail.  The black on black is not completely bad.

The best part about the whole card is the on card autograph.  The Triple Threads brand has flipped and flopped over the years between stickers and on-card autographs.  Some of the years are a mix, which includes this years release.  I have a couple of the Triple Threads cards on the way, but I try to stick to the on-card autographs whenever I can find them.

One of the other downfalls of this year's Triple Threads set is the fact that Topps has repeated the same usual signers for the set.  My options for Cardinals players include Matt Adams, Shelby Miller, Carlos Martinez, Joe Kelly, and Kolten Wong.  There is also a Matt Carpenter.  How many of those players have been in four or five other Topps set as signers?  All of them.  Well, maybe not Carpenter, but it's close.

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  1. I'm just like you. I have a ton of TTT cards, but I've only opened one box in my life.