Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Inkredible Holliday

One of the really underrated mega-sets of all-time is the 2006 Upper Deck set.  It's over 1000 cards and featured tons of goodies for collectors.  Lots of relics, autographs, and inserts.  High end, low end, and everything in between.  It's just a really cool product and might be my favorite Upper Deck set after the original 1989 set.  Definitely top three at worst.

The autograph list is quite impressive and their are a lot of big names out there for collectors to find.  Go on a big secondary market site like Ebay or COMC and you scan scroll through and get a good idea.  My latest edition is a pretty good name......

Holliday has been a really good player for the Cardinals the last five years, but at the time of this set's release he was maybe even better than he was at his Cardinals peak.  2006 was a really good year for the Rockies left-fielder as he posted a .326/.387/.586 line with 34 home runs 45 doubles and 114 RBIs.  He followed his 2006 performance up with a .340/.405/.607 line in 2007 with 36 hoers, 50 doubles, and 137 RBIs.  Holliday won two of the three legs of the Triple Crown that year, missing out on the home run title by 14 to Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder.

Of course, the Rockies also ended up in the World Series in 2007, due in large part to Holliday's efforts, but they came up short against the Red Sox.  Holliday played well for the Rockies that Postseason and had won of their only highlights from the series when he hit this late inning home run in game three.

Holliday eventually ended up with the A's and was then traded to the Cardinals.  Throughout his career Holliday has been a pretty good signer and has a fair number of autographs out on the market.  I am always amazed at how cheap his autographs as a Rockie are sometimes.  This card cost me less than $5.  Yes, it's a sticker autograph, but Matt Holliday, $5.....It's a good deal.  

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  1. Holliday should have won MVP in 2007 but Jimmy Rollins stole it from him.