Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mail Day! Part 1

The amount of times I have used Mail Day during the past year is ridiculously low.  Plus, my alternative title for this post was "Smorgasbord of Cardboard".  Hands off that title by the way.  I will still use it at some point.  Anyway, I received a package of cards yesterday that was stuff full of five pretty nice cards.  Four autographs cards I targeted from a seller on Ebay and won.  Then there was another card that was just sitting there, so I bought it.  Cannot pass up certain cards which only cost $0.99.  So, here's my run down on my winnings.  Or Mail Day Part 1:

This was the original card that brought my attention to the seller I picked these cards off of on Ebay.  I have not added many Shelby Miller cards to the collection recently and have really been looking long and hard at some of his autographs from different Topps products last year.  I feel like I missed a bunch of them.  Anyway, I know that the green Finest cards are not necessarily the lowest print run in the set, but I really like the looks of the cards.  Further, the green copies of the Miller autograph consistently sell for more than $25 dollars.  There are several Buy It Now copies of this card still up on Ebay and they are all over $30.  I picked up my copy for a little bit less than $20.  Pretty hard to beat that price.  However, while I was picking up this card I managed to snag a few other autographs that were also missing from my collection.  Here's three more autographs:

If you are a regular reader you know that Archer is a personal favorite from the Durham Bulls and also a local talent from Clayton, North Carolina just outside of Raleigh.  Not his best autograph and there is a slight smudge on the A in Archer, but still a nice add to the collection for less than $5.  I will have to pick up a nicer copy of this card at some point, but happy to have this one for the price. 

Kyle Gibson is a former Mizzou standout and starred last season for the Rochester Red Wings in the International League.  While his Major League ERA was up over 6, his ERA in the minors was right around 3 with 7 wins.  Hopefully this year will be a little bit better for the former Tigers pitcher. 

I might be the only person without an autograph of Didi Gregorius.  He signs for everything and always seems to be the most frequent signer in every Topps product.  Not saying I love this card, but it's hard to say no to an autograph on this nice looking of a card limited to 125 copies.  $2 is a small price to pay for this card.  Although it was one dollar more than my cheapy throw-in card....

I am not sure the ARod card market has hit rock bottom, but it cannot be too far away when his relic cards have skated down to the equivalent of a dollar bin pickup.  I mean a Yankees relic with a pinstripe is always worth something?  Right?  Maybe Arod is going to prove me wrong. 

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  1. I have been wanting to get a Shelby Miller auto for ever now