Monday, April 7, 2014

Collecting the Durham Bulls: Jeremy Moore

The Rays signed long time Minor League veteran Jeremy Moore to a contract in January and he ended up being assigned to Durham at some point during Spring Training.  I missed the exact date, but I think many Rays fans had expected that Moore would provide the team with good depth at the AAA level.  Moore does have some playing time at the Major League level with the Angels.  Card wise there are three areas where collectors can look to find some quality Moore cardboard.  First, his rookie card in 2012 Topps. 

I have always liked this card a lot.  When I started think about putting together a thread of posts on the Durham Bulls players and their baseball cards this was one of the first ones that I went and pulled out of a box.  Love the throwback jersey.  Love the action shot.  This is one of the cool cards in this set.  Of course there are all sorts of different color variations with this card.  The sparkle cards are really cool in the 2012 Topps set if you are looking for something a little nicer than the ordinary base card.

Moore also had a card in the 2013 Bowman set.  Moore played for the Dodgers organization last year, so the card features him in a Dodgers uni, but not a cool picture like his rookie card.

Again, it's a card in a Bowman product so there are lots of different parallels and serial numbered versions of these cards.  Some of the parallels can be a bit pricy, but Moore is generally a pretty cheap find.  I own a copy of his red wave card and got it from a Dodgers fan to balance out a trade.  They sell on Ebay for less than $10, but there are only 25 copies of this card.  Good challenge to track some of these parallels down if you like the player.  

Moore also has done a few signings for Leaf.  Nothing that is outrageous in price or difficult to find.  In fact, the plate for this card is currently up on Ebay (it's autographed) and listed for $39.99.  It appears to be the absolute pinnacle of the Jeremy Moore card market.  I really like this Leaf Valiant card which reminds me a lot of the old Donruss Crusade cards. 

Moore is currently on the DL, but I am excited to see what he brings the team this season.  He has had some pretty decent seasons in the Minors and come close to posting a 20 homer/20 steal season several times.  We shall see....

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