Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jumbo Longo

I have already posted one Jumbo Museum card, and just fair warning, there are several more coming this week.  This was the card I was originally look for when I stumbled upon several other cool Cardinals and Rays also with cool Jumbo Museum cards.   I'd do a theme week of only Jumbo Museum cards, but I also have an autograph or two to show off and I still want to throw out some Durham Bulls cards this week too.  So, here's the jumbo Longo. 

This card is numbered out of just 10.  Is this the Gold Version?  I am not sure, but it is pretty sweet and I was shocked that it cost me a little more than $10.  Really cool card for the price.  In fact, several collectors I have worked with on putting together a few pieces from Museum have noted that the set is trending a little bit lower this year.  I really like the Museum cards, but I think some of the case breakers and high end collectors are starting to feel like there is a lot of duplication from this set in other products.  The autographs are similar to Museum and the Jumbo relics are similar to some of the cards Topps has put out in other high releases like Five Star. 

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  1. Five Star and Museum Collection are like two peas in a pod. If I were Topps I'd either stagger them and produce Five Star one year and Museum Collection the next... or combine the two products. But they won't do that, because it's all about the Benjamin's.