Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jumbo Beltran

I have a big stack of Museum cards I need to post and will be working on for the next few days.  Museum is a pretty pricey product, but there are some great cards in this product.  It's also one of those products that is a tad bit risky to open, so I went ahead and let someone else assume all the risk in pursuit of some big hit cards.  Thank you case busting people.  I could not do it somedays without you.  My first cool Museum card of the year was this beautiful Carlos Beltran:

I picked up a couple of these jumbo pieces from Museum last year, but I kind of like the look of this year's pieces better.  This Beltran card has a really nice big chunk of bat.  Cool looking grain on the bat piece and limited to just 25 copies.  My copy gets double brownie points for being numbered to Beltran's number 3 uniform number with the Cardinals.  Luckily the person selling this card did not market it as an "Ebay 1 of 1" and ask $300 for it.  This copy cost me a little less than $20.

While Beltran is no longer on the Cardinals Topps has had Beltran as a Cardinal in all of their early 2014 releases.  I have Carlos on my fantasy baseball team this year, so I am counting on a good year out of the newest Yankee.  No hard feelings.


  1. Beautiful card... but I have to admit, I wouldn't mind seeing Beltran stink it up in pinstripes.

    1. I think he might have guessed wrong in going there. The biggest hole in Beltran's resume is a WS ring and I am not sure that the Yankees are primed to make a run. He's still got a little bit of gas in the tank and I would guess he's going to hit in that stadium.