Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Could I Forget You Evan Longoria?

I had a really good day opening Gypsy Queen cards the other day at Big D's Cards.  Two boxes and all kinds of cool hits came out of my box.  You know what happens when you get something cool.  There are pictures and posts, time looking at your cool hits.  I have been in love with my Gypsy Queen cards the past few days and neglected some of my other cards.  Sadly.  I still love this button card.....


 It's somewhat understandable to lose track of other cards with all the excitement of the Gypsy Queen hits, but still I actually had a few other cards I probably should have posted earlier this week.  Before going in to Big D's for my pair of Gypsy Queen boxes I had been offered a few other cards by the store owner Jimmy who always takes time to look out for me.  I found me two really sweet cards.

The first card I picked up was a short printed Yadier Molina card from last year's Topps Heritage set.  Really cool short-printed card that I was missing from last year.  I also picked up another really cool autographed card from Jimmy too....

I absolutely love this Evan Longoria Tribute autograph card.  Jimmy had originally posted the card on his Facebook page and I glanced over it one day.  I was busy doing something and did not have a chance to flag the card.  When the Molina card came up a day or two later I asked about the Longoria card and was happy that Jimmy was able to set the card aside from me.  I picked this card up last weekend when I was picking up my two boxes of Gypsy Queen, but set it on the side of my desk the past few days.  I am sorry I forgot about Evan Longoria, it won't happen again. 

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