Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yesterday Basketball, Today Football

Last non-baseball (or loosely related) post of the week.  

There are plenty of two sport athletes left floating around in this world.  This past weekend was a great showcase for Russell Wilson, who was former second baseman for the Ashevile Tourist (Rockies A-Ball) and former college quarterback for NC State and Wisconsin.  I doubt that Wilson will see any playing time for the Rangers this summer, who own his baseball rights after the Rule 5 draft this winter, but I guess you never know. 

Chad Hutchinson, Brandon Weeden, Drew Henson.  The list could go on and on.  Can we consider T-Mac a two sport star yet?   This past weekend I took a little time to track down an autograph of a former prime time baseball prospect turned NC State linebacker. 

Not the best brand in the world, but this is a new acquired autograph of Diamondbacks outfield prospect Ty Linton.   He was drafted out of Charlotte Christian High School in 2009 and slid to the 14th round purely out of concerns with his signability.  Arizona got him signed and he started playing minor league baseball for Missoula in the Pioneer League.  During his first full season he post a .756 OPS which is not bad for a high school kid with a big frame and has some power potential.  However, after his first season in the minors Linton slid.  Badly.  Bleacher Report listed him as one of the biggest flops in the minors and his OPS was .440 in his third attempt at the Pioneer League.  

Linton was a pretty big deal around North Carolina for baseball, so it will be fun to watch him play football the next few years in Raleigh.  His highlight video released by State looks pretty good, but I am sure he might need a season to shake off the rust.  

 Plus with State not winning a conference game last year the only place to go from last season is up.  Rivals and ESPN seem pretty high on the recruiting class at NC State heading into next fall.  Linton has no official rating at this point, but was a three star recruit coming out four years ago.  Go Pack!  Go Linton! 

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