Wednesday, February 12, 2014


There are a few Cardinals manupatch, ring, cup cards in the first series of Topps 2014.  I managed to pick up the first of them last week with this Allen Craig patch card:

The traditional looking manupatch cards have really faded in popularity and price since Topps started putting out the ultra-thick, shiny, and sparkly Awards based manu cards last year.  I understand Topps is trying to freshen up these cards a little bit by throwing in some mascot cards this year, but I think it's just proving the point that the manupatches might be a little bit stale.  Just a bit. 

Topps put a set of mascot cards together last year in the ProDebut set and they actually turned out nicely and also put out mascot autographs in the Opening Day set last year.  While the Pro Debut cards were cool, and the mascot autographs were popular, I am not sure these are really very good cards. 

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