Thursday, February 6, 2014

St. Patty's Day Holliday

It started out with Panini autographs, now I am buying their relic cards too.  I found a really cool copy of a Matt Holliday relic card last week and was able to add it to my collection on the cheap.  The card actually has a really good look outside of the fact that the card does not have any uniform logos since Panini does not have an MLB license. 

2013 Panini America's Pasttime Matt Holliday Jersey

This is one of those cards I would love to see Panini make with a license.  Would be pretty sweet.  Still I like the overall style of the card.  The colors give it a 50/60s kind of feel with the institutional blue color, the pennant, and the black and white headshot of the Cardinals left fielder.  The card is also limited to just 50 copies.   While I like the style and looks of the card, the jersey was also interesting to me. 

Nothing wrong with the scan, that is a green Cardinals jersey.  Obviously the jersey is likely from the Cardinals St. Patty's Day uniforms they wear in Spring Training.  Last year they looked a little something like this: 

Topps has also used the St Patty's Day cards recently too.  Check out last year's Triple Threads set and you will find a bunch of them spread out throughout the set.  In fact, most Major League teams put their St Patty's Day green items up for sale on the MLB auctions site towards the end of Spring Training.  Given the authentication problems that card companies have had in recent years with dealers selling them fake jerseys, I cannot say I surprised that card companies are going through MLB team sites to acquire actual authentic game used items for use in their products.  

The other cool thing about owning a unique piece of jersey, like a St. Patrick's Day or throwback uni, is that it is one of the few relics that can be tied to a unique game.  If you are looking for a few unique jerseys I would recommend checking out some of the White Sox relics in Topps products from 2012.  

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