Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh Once Said:

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you win, sometimes it rains"

One of my favorite lines from Bull Durham.  A little bit off today.  The quote and my day.  Here's a recap: 

I had a really cool 2014 Topps card I was really eager to share within everyone today, just waiting for the mail.  Not the best player in the world or anything, just a cool card.  I had the day off of work today too.  Here's my day:

My three year old checked out a movie from the preschool library.  He watched the movie last week in my work laptop.  I left my work laptop at work.  Why wasn't I at work?  Later.  I drove to work.

After returning home from work my wife, and aforementioned three year old, ran the movie back to the library and went grocery shopping.  I worked on removing all the empty 800 count card boxes from my man cave.  All of my cards used to be in 800s, but I have taken a lot of them out.  Here's what they used to look like:

I also checked my email and saw that my cool card was out for delivery.  Wife and 3 year old return from library and store.  Three year old is hooked on eating dry Raisin Brand.  I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  Who's three? 

After eating lunch it started snowing in Raleigh.  It looked something like this:

Quiet time started for the little people in our house.  I walked down to the end of my subdivision.  Remember I live in the south.  One hour and two inches of snow.  

After returning home I started watching the news.  Nothing beats the news in the south once it starts snowing.  All sorts of cool pictures:

This is Durham:

and here is Raleigh:

Growing impatient for my mail I type up a post for an Allen Craig/Fredbird card I received in the mail yesterday.  Here is the card:

as I was typing the post on the card I had also debated about including a story about Allen Craig's pet turtle in the blog post, but instead decided to listen to some music.  At some point earlier in the day I was in a music debate about the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Album list.  Why is Bonnie Rait on there?  Why is Bonnie Rait on there twice?  and Coldplay?  Kid A is also not the best Radiohead disc.  OK Computer was much better and more important. 

This photograph of Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh appears on the internet.  People are amused by Raleigh.  Chipper Jones does not rescue anybody here. 

People start complaining about whether or not the Duke/Carolina game should be played.  Tim Brando is live tweeting his drive from Durham to Chapel Hill.  Normal day 10 minutes, today 5 hours.  I am thinking about this awesome tweet the entire time I listening to people complain.  

Work is cancelled for tomorrow.  My employer uses the hashtag #snugglealert 

I'm getting impatient waiting for the mail to arrive.  I walk a block to my local grocery store which always appears to restock rather well after everyone panics and runs home.  Well played Lowe's Foods.  Well played.  The streets at rush hour look like this:

After getting home from the store I have lost my patience for the mail.  I go check the tracking number and.....

It looks like I am going for a walk tomorrow morning.  Post office is five minutes away.

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  1. I can only imagine what the reaction down there would be if they received the snow total that is currently in my backyard.