Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Topps Jumbo Box Break Inserts-Part 2

Yesterday I posted the inserts I landed out of my 2014 Topps Jumbo Box.  This morning I want to take a little bit of time to show off the hit cards that I landed in my box.  Each jumbo box of 2014 Topps includes an autograph and two relic cards.  Relics can also include manufactured cards.  So, let's start with the autograph:

I hate redemption cards.  I am sure that Anibal Sanchez will sign the cards and I will have this card at some point, but still there are always worries with these types of cards.  The postseason cards autograph and relic cards have always been a favorite of mine and I was surprised that Topps expanded the set beyond the typical cards made for the World Series winner.  It's actually a pretty cool idea.  I was disappointed that the Cardinals did not win the World Series last season, but there was still plenty to remember from last season's playoffs.  

I would imagine that the Pirates cards from the set might be a cool add to the collection too.  I have not seen an autograph for the Bucs, but have seen a few nice patch pieces from McCutchen and Alvarez.  On to my relic:

This is basically what I expected to land as far as a relic out of my jumbo box.  It's not bad.  I would love to have landed a Cardinal or Ray, but you cannot be too picky with relics out of a box of base Topps cards.  Honestly, I like Elvis Andrus I do not have a relic card of him.  Besides the market for base relic cards out Topps boxes is generally $5 and less, so I should have no problem picking up the Cardinals and Rays relics out of the set.  However, I will mention that the Cardinals relics are Bruce Sutter and Red Schoendienst.  Might be north of $5. 

Favorite hit card out of the box.  The manupatch cards this year are generally really cool.  It looks like the hobby boxes have the rings, like this Rickey Henderson, and the rookie cup cards.  The retail patches are team logos or mascots.  Not thrilled to see an Allen Craig card with Fredbird, but it's better than David Price and Raymond.  This Henderson card comes from the Rookie Class Ring set.  I mentioned a few times in my last post how this year's set was heavy on the rookie theme.  Here it is again.  Love the old yellow A's jersey.  Ring is cool and the card is thick. 


  1. The McCutchen and Alvarez postseason relics shot right to the top of my must have list. There aren't exactly many cards that put Pirates and postseason in the same chunk of cardboard.

    1. Not many, but I would imagine there will be more out in the near future. Future is looking pretty bright in Pittsburgh. Should be a little easier ride this year too with the Reds losing a few pieces. I think the Central is the Cardinals and Pirates and they are both likely playoff teams.