Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowpocalypse Post 1-Mizzou Basketball Cards

When it snows in North Carolina you get stuck inside.  When you get stuck inside you get bored.  When you get bored you start cleaning stuff.  When you start cleaning stuff you find oddball stuff in your collection.  Mizzou Basketball cards from 1990-1991 are a good oddball find.  This is not a complete set, but let's run through the list ranking the players by quality. 

Jed Frost?  Who?  The back says he was a walk-on and the picture shows him running fast while the other player in the background looks like he is barely running.  Was 90210 on the air in 1991?  That air looks like something Luke Perry.  Jed is now a premier handbag maker.  Seriously.  

I vaguely remember this guy shot Mizzou out of a few games.  If your a left-handed outside shooter your supposed to be good.  This guy is now a basketball coach and he uses Norm Stewart and Roy Williams as references.  Danny Ainge too.  

I am at a loss here.  Cool Reebok pump shoes.  If this guy had gone to middle school in 1991 he would have been pretty cool.  

I remember this guy came off the bench, but I cannot tell you much more then that.  He's not wearing the cool Reebok pumps.  Jamal might have had some problems with the bookstore.  

Pretty good center for Mizzou.  I think he had some pretty good battles with Ostertag.  If this guy weighed 100 pounds more he would have made a better goony NBA center than the O.  On to the important players...

Lamont Frazier started for a few years at Mizzou.  His cousin Ricky Frazier also played at Mizzou.  Both were from a small town in southeastern Missouri.  The town, Charleston, was one of the really good high school programs at the time and the Fraziers were legendary in that part of the state.  There were all sorts of people I went to college with who played against the Fraziers.  Pretty funny stuff.  Lamont also played for the football team while he was in grad school.  He coached Poplar Bluff for a few years and now coaches at Willard High School in Willard, Missouri.  Never played in the NBA, but a nice player who could do a lot of different things.  

Jevon Crudup was a really good interior player at Mizzou.  He was drafted by the Pistons, but I do not think he actually ever played a game for them.  He did take money from an agent and got a whole bunch of wins thrown out after he left school. 

Now we are to someone important.  Some people may not remember Melvin Booker, but he was a really good college basketball player.  He played a few games here and there in the NBA, had a long career playing in Italy, but was just a really good college basketball player.  His best accomplishment at Mizzou  was helping the 1993 team to an undefeated Big 8 title.  It was the last year the Big 8 was around and I believe it was the only time a team ever ran the table with a perfect record. Hit the game winning shot in the last regular season game.   

Booker's son is actually a highly recruited shooting guard and will be playing for Kentucky next year.

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