Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Trip To Big D's Cards-Part 2

Jimmy from Big D's Card Shop in Raleigh helped me track down a pair of cool cards for my collection while I was off visiting my in-laws in Michigan.  The best part of buying a few cards from my local card shop while I was on the road?  It gave me a great reason to visit the store and check out a few more cards.  My cards from my road trip were set aside and Jimmy had actually sent me a picture of another card that interested me greatly.

While I spend a lot of time collecting Cardinals, Rays, and Durham Bulls players I do dabble in the Tigers a little bit.  As mentioned before, my in-laws are Michiganders and my brother in-law and father in-law are both pretty big Tigers fans.  We talk a little bit of baseball.  I have some good Tigers cards and thought this card looked awesome:

2008 UD Premier Patches Ivan Rodriguez Dual Patch

It's just a pretty incredible card.  The tiger patch has to be as good as it gets for a Tigers card, so this card found a home in my collection for the moment.  I was also able to pick up another Topps Tribute card for my Cardinals collection.  

2002 Topps Tribute Ozzie Smith Bat Card

I had picked up a Ken Boyer from Topps Tribute in Part 1 and was happy to add the Ozzie to complete my pair of bat cards from the Wizard.  I am going to have to go and check out my checklist of the Cardinals in the Tribute set to see how close I am to having on the relics cards.  In the meantime, I am happy with my most recent trip into Big D's.  I will be heading back next weekend for a Trade Night event Jimmy is hosting at the shop.  Should be fun.  Info below if you live somewhere within driving distance.


  1. Wow, that's a pretty nasty Pudge patch! Where in Michigan are your in-laws?

  2. Yeah, that's a disgusting Pudge patch.