Friday, January 10, 2014

A Trip To Big D's Cards-Part 1

For years I have been wandering around North Carolina without a card shop to call my own.  Over the past month I have found my way into a new card store in Raleigh.  There have been a few other card shops around the area, but Big D's card shop is head and shoulders above the rest.  Besides having a nearby card store to shop at, there are other benefits to having a local card shop in your corner.  One of the best benefits of frequenting a local card shop is having another set of eyes for your collection.

Just like other card collectors, I spend some time every week checking cards on the internet. I watch Ebay, COMC, Facebook trade groups, Twitter...I get some good cards from those places, but there are still cards out there that I miss or they get away.  Happens to the best of us.  Two weeks ago I took a trip up to see my in-laws in northern Michigan and was happy to get a message from Jimmy at Big D's Card Shop with a few pictures for me to check out after he ran across a few cool Cardinals and Ryas cards.

There were two cards that I needed for my collection.  I sent over some fundage over Paypal and I landed two sweet additions to the collection.  First up:

2012 National Treasures Evan Longoria Booklet 

This is my second Longoria booklet card.  Always love looking at these cards, but I do not have many in my collection.  I will work on it.  In the meantime, this is a sweet card and I am always happy to have more cards of the former Durham Bull hanging out with me.  I also picked up a cool Cardinals card:

2002 Topps Tribute Ken Boyer Bat 

This is my second Boyer bat card from the 2002 Topps Tribute set.  There are two variations on every player's bat card.  This card has the bat cut into the shape of Boyer's number 14.  The other variation is a shadow-box type of card where the number 12 is carved out of a square pieces of bat.  Pretty sure if you put the two cards together you have one square piece of bat.  Cool card of the former Cardinals third baseman.

A little bit more from Big D's tomorrow.

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