Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm Making A Collecting Goal!

I think I did a post last year about why I do not make collecting goals at the beginning of the year.  I can't find the post, so maybe I just made the whole thing up in my mind.  Goals can be confining and I am just here typing about baseball cards for fun.  After I have worked, hung out with the little guy and wife, what's my next favorite thing to do?  Sit here and write about baseball cards.  Pretty relaxing.  Anyway, I have decided this year that I am going to make a goal, stick to it, and look back in satisfaction at the end of this year. 

So, here's my goal: I have spent my first year and half in blogging talking a lot about the cards that I am adding to my collection.  I have been collecting a lot longer than a year and half, which means there are a few hundred thousand cards in my collection which have gotten little love on my blog.  I did a write up about my picks for the tops sets over the last 30 years last year and I did my picks for the best 50 players on cardboard this year.  Along the way I have had the chance to talk about some of the other cards in my collection, but there are so many things that would make great blog posts.  I need to do better on getting to them.

Two examples came to mind during the past week.  First, during my write up of Mark McGwire for My Top 50 Players On Cardboard I touched on my attempts to collect insert cards during the late 90s after the Cardinals traded for the big slugger.  I could easily make a cool post featuring some of my cool McGwire pick ups from that era from my collecting past.  Second, during my write up of Barry Bonds for My Top 50 Players On Cardboard I mentioned that I collected Pacific Die Cut cards of Barry Bonds.  I actually did do  a little bit of work this year on Pacific Die Cut cards, but that was just one post.  Kind of lame. 

So, here's my goal: I am going to do two posts a week which feature cards that are already in my card collection.  I am also going to refrain from using lame post titles like Throwback Tuesday (or Thursday) or Wayback Wednesday.  Starting next week. 


  1. Personally, I'd love to see some late 90's inserts, especially of McGwire! I collect him and am always looking for stuff I haven't seen. And since I didn't collect in the 90's, that's the sweet spot!

  2. I like Wayback Wednesday. Peabody and Sherman anyone?

  3. Lol... I totally use LAME POST TITLES ;-) Just Another Maddux Monday, Flashback Friday, Saturday Night Five, Soapbox Sunday... the list goes on and on. But then again, I've been told plenty of times in my past that I've been LAME... so I'm okay with it :-)

    Best of luck on your goals!