Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 Bowman Inception David Dahl

I am still working on picking up some more Bowman Inception autographs.  I was happy to open my mail yesterday and find a new autograph from the set I picked up from my brother in-law in Michigan.  We have an on-going exchange of cards happening at the moment, so I was really happy to pick up an autograph of Rockies outfielder David Dahl.  I need to post a list of what cards I still need from the Inception set, but the list of players is getting shorter and shorter.

2012 Bowman Inception David Dahl Autograph 

Dahl was a first round draft pick of the Rockies in 2012 and showed some good promise during a stay at short season Grand Junction in the Pioneer League  where he posted a line of .379/.423/.625 with 9 homers and 41 extra bases in 67 games.  Sounds pretty spectacular until you look into what he did during the 2013 season.  First, there was some sort of suspension after he left Spring Training.  The Rockies publicly questioned whether he belonged in A ball playing for the Asheville Tourists.  He did end up playing for 10 games during the season for the team, but also spent some time "adjusting his attitude" at extended spring training.  At some point in there Dahl tore his hamstring and basically lost an entire season.

Baseball America had ranked Dahl as the Rockies second best prospect entering the 2013 season, but have dropped him to sixth entering the 2014 campaign.  Hopefully the outfielder can turn it around the next season and recapture some of the play he showed during his half season in 2012.  His cards prices are down at the moment and he might be a good player to take a flyer on for the future.  


  1. According to numerous Pirates websites I visit, Dahl was supposed to be the Pirates 8th overall selection, but when Appel fell to them in the 2012 draft, they felt that they had to pull the trigger on him knowing the pick was protected. Since we all know that Appel didn't sign with the Bucs, I guess it comes down to Austin Meadows or David Dahl for if the Pirates made the right chance on that gamble.

    1. Pirates did well on that one. I'm sure Dahl will be good if he gets to the Majors, but Meadows seems like he is going to be something special. I've run into a few of the USA Baseball people locally who rave about Meadows.