Sunday, January 5, 2014

Road Trip: No Card Shops, No Problems

I spent the last few wandering around a small town in Northern Michigan with my in-laws.  The trip gets me out of my warm weather and away from some of my usual trappings I have here in North Carolina.   I still managed to do some blogging, writing, and planning for some future posts, but shopping for new cards?   While they are never short on snow in Michigan, the opportunity to find new cards can be somewhat limited.  I spend time relaxing and running around with the wife and little guy on every trip, but I challenged myself to find some cards to add while I was out. 

By adding new cards, I mean not going on Ebay or COMC and buying a bunch that I am happy to find in my held mail.  No, no.  Cards in hand, or cards from contacts were my goal.  So, I actually ended up with a few nice cards and I do not even have them all in hand yet.  So, here's a break down on my newest additions:

2008 Topps Triple Threads Ozzie Smith Jersey/Bat

It's been awhile since I did anything with any of the Facebook groups, but I saw this and decided it would make a good addition.  I managed to negotiate a good price for the card with the owner and sent over a few bucks on Paypal.  I am not sure the last time I made any sort of Facebook trade or purchase, but I was beyond happy to add a cool new Ozzie card with the powder blue 1980s Cardinals pieces.  More on Facebook trading later in the week. 

I also picked up three cards in an in-person trade with my brother in-law who has gotten into card collecting during the past year.  Here's three cards I picked up from him:

2013 Topps Museum Collection Jurickson Profar Autograph 
Profar autograph is pretty self-explanatory.  One of the better prospects in the game and an on-card autograph from a nice set to boot.  I am a little short in the Profar department, so I decided to go for it on this card.  Really happy to add this to my collection. 

2013 Topps Tribute Adam Wainwright Dual Jersey

Cool looking Wainwright piece numbered to 99.  I love Wainwright, but I do not pick up enough of his cards.  He's pretty much just a relic card guy now, I cannot remember when he had his last certified autograph, but they're always nice like this one.  The high socks are cool in the picture.  The Cardinals players often wear them up on Sundays.  A little fade started by Daniel Descalso and Jon Jay.  Go on Twitter and search #highsocksundays for more info. 

2013 Panini USA Baseball Randal Grichuk Jersey

I am still working on adding some more Grichuk cards to my collection since his inclusion in the Peter Bourjos-David Freese trade.  Grichuk will likely start the year at Memphis in Triple-A, but I am excited by what I have heard about the the outfielder.  Cool card and welcome addition. 

I have a few other cards I added and worked on with my local card shop, but have not had a chance to swing by and pick up my new cards.  Later in the week I will have a few more. 

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