Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Pair of New Cards From Facebook

A picked up a new pair of cards late last week from a Facebook friend and have been a little too backlogged with all of the Ginter posts this week to post the new acquisitions.  I have been not very active on my Facebook trading page in recent months, but still try to maintain some contact with a few of my favorite traders around the different trade pages.  It seems like many of the collectors around Facebook have become hooked on raffles, which really are not my cup of tea.  So, here are two quick cards for this evening.

First up tonight is a 2013 Topps Matt Moore autograph.  I actually did not pick up very many base autographed cards out of the two Topps series when they released earlier in the spring and fall.  The Moore card was on my radar, but I had not found it for a price that I liked until now.

2013 Topps Matt Moore Autograph 


While the card features a sticker autograph I really like the design of the card with the giant Rays logo behind the action shot of Moore throwing a pitch.  He's also have a great season with a 14-3 record and almost a strikeout per inning.  Moore is one of my favorite former Durham Bulls.

Next card:

2012 Donruss Elite USA Baseball Dom Nunez Jersey/Autograph

I took a flyer on a Dom Nunez card.  I am going to put this card in a box for the next four or five years and forget I have it.  Hopefully when I find it I will be pleasantly surprised and happy.  Nunez appeared last summer with the High School All-Stars at USA Baseball.  I heard some good stuff about him from some locals, so I figure he might be worth a gamble.  This summer the Rockies selected the infielder in the sixth round and assigned him to the Pioneer League.  He is currently hitting under .200, but half of his hits are extra base hits.  Maybe this card works out, maybe it does not.  It's one of the fun things about this hobby.  

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