Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Cardinals World Series Card

I have been chasing a few cards from the 2012 Topps releases celebrating the Cardinals World Series win last fall.  This week during my search I stumbled upon a gem from the 2006 season while trading earlier in the week.

2007 Topps Jeff Weaver World Series Relics Jersey

At first glance this card seems rather unimpressive and I can somewhat understand why the previous owner of the card was willing to part ways with a Jeff Weaver card.  After all, Weaver was run out of town during his career by more teams than you can count on one hand.  His time with the Yankees was painful and more embarrassingly he traded to the Cardinals in the middle of the 2006 season to clear roster space for his younger brother Jared.  

During the 2006 regular season Weaver posted a 5-4 record with an ERA over 5 and managed to give up 16 home runs in 15 starts.  However, sometimes even the most unlikable and mediocre players can have their great runs.  For Weaver, his career highlights generally start and stop with the 2006 post-season.  He managed to win a game in both the Divisional and League Championship rounds and was the winning pitcher in the game 5 clincher against the Tigers.  Weaver out-dueled Justin Verlander in that game going eight, sticking out 9, and holding the Tigers to just 4 hits.

Weaver's postseason performance that season has made this card a bright spot in my collection and a card that I will treasure for years to come despite the fact that the card is a Jeff Weaver.  

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