Thursday, April 12, 2012

Joe Morgan Bobblehead

I am taking a day off of baseball cards to write about my newest bobble head.  I have about thirty-five bobble heads/statues/figurines in my man cave and try to add one when I see a cool Cardinal or Rays player.  The Cardinals seem to give out two or three every year and the Rays have giving out a few figurines and bobbles over the years.  They are easy to find in shops, Ebay, and from other collectors and I have managed to build a decent collection.   My local baseball teams, the Durham Bulls and the Carolina Mudcats, aren't particularly big on giving out bobbles.  However, there are a few out there.  Recently, I have decided to try and track down the Durham Bulls 100th Anniversary set, which was giving out in 2002, and the triple bobble given out last year of Jeremy Hellickson, Dan Johnson, and Charlie Montoyo. The triple bobble is proving tough, but I just picked up my first 100th anniversary bobble.  This is the Joe Morgan bobble head.  It's a pretty ordinary looking bobble, but still cool to own.  

1 comment:

  1. That's a sweet bobble. i love the sideburns!

    Not sure if showed you this, but here's my Don Zimmer Rays/Dodgers bobblehead.