Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Contest Winner & Final Contest Question

I posted my second contest winner on Facebook and Youtube Sunday night, but did not have a chance to post it here yet.  It's hard keeping up with everything while you are traveling, but I tried the best I could.  In case you missed the announcement the video is posted below and a scan of the two winning cards is also posted below.  Also, at the bottom of this post is the third and final contest question.

Contest Video Announcement

Congratulations to Ken Davis!  I will be packing up your cards and mailing them out shortly.

Third Contest Question:
Since I am a little late in posting my question this week I am giving people until Monday at 8 pm EST to answer the question.  Remember to answer to thesnortingbull@gmail.com or pm through Facebook. One lucky winner will receive an autographed card of the answer.

What former major league all-star has his jersey retired, by an ACC school, as a basketball player?  

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