Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Triumvirate Cardinals. Well, mostly Cardinals

Stadium Club was one of my favorite products during the past year.  I loved the base set and could literally spend hours flipping through the cards looking at the photographs.  I am not sure who designed the product this year at Topps, but the set felt like the Stadium Club cards from back in the early 1990s when it was known for it's great photography.  After putting together the base set, and a few autographs, I have turned my attention to find a few of the inserts.

One of the first insert sets I worked on was the Triumvirate cards.  This year's version featured three star players from one team that fit together like a puzzle.  Long ago I picked up the first piece of the Cardinals set with this Yadier Molina in a trade with another collector.  Small piece in a bigger trade.

Which meant that I was two pieces short.  I picked up the two other pieces from COMC, but did not really feel like posting it after the whole Jason Hayward thing last month.  Well, I am over Jason Hayward (have fun in Chicago) and I went ahead and scanned the card along with the Adam Wainwright.  Here's look at the Hayward and Wainwright by themselves....

and the best part of picking up the cards in this set is to put them all together and put them under the scanner.  The end result always looks nice, even when some Cubs player gets in the way....


  1. *especially* when some Cubs player gets in the way.

    Just kidding, here's to an epic division battle over the next few years!

    1. add in the Pirates, who have a lot of young talent too, and I think the Central is going to be a great division race for the foreseeable future.

  2. Replies
    1. It's still a beautiful card Madding even if Heyward is now a Cubbie.