Monday, December 21, 2015

A Venerable Old Card Part 3 (Take 2)

I have been working on a few Durham Bulls players during my down time recently, doing a little bit of reading, and picking up a few of there cards.  The older minor league cards can be a little bit tricky to track down at times, but I have found a lot of the Braves affiliates in the early 1980s are not too tricky.  

Well, for the most part.  One player, who I am convinced never had a Bulls baseball cards, was long-time Major League outfielder Brett Butler.  The speedy outfielder appeared for the Bulls during the second half of the 1980 season after being promoted from the Braves team in Anderson, South Carolina.  The Herald-Sun, Durham's local newspaper, sponsored many of the card sets for the Bulls back then, but as far as I can tell there is no card of Butler.  

These days there would have been a league all-star set, or an additional few cards printed up if a big prospect came through a team and did not have a card in the team set.  At worst, the team would probably print one up the following season. 

With no Durham Bulls card of Brett Butler I have turned to track down some of his other Minor League cards from a few other Braves affiliates.  I currently have found two, but I am going to just post my favorite of the pair this afternoon:

This is Butler's card from the Braves Anderson affiliate.  I like the red border around the edge of the card.  I have actually found a bunch of the minor league sets from this era often featured this sort of border.  It had made some of the imperfections on some of these cards stand out a little bit, but it's not like mint copies of these cards break the bank.  I haven't found a set of these cards together, but there are some other good players included from this team such as Brook Jacoby and Brad Komminsk (I am going to count him as an awesome Minor Leaguer - just ignore his Major League stats).

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