Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 Snorting Bull Awards: Worst Baseball Card

Some days the Gods of Quality Control frown on the card markers.  Other times certain card companies make alarmingly terrible decisions.  I never really have to think too hard on this one.  Two years ago Topps put two players on a baseball cards in their Topps Update product that did not make it to the All-Star game.  Bard was in Triple A by the end of April and Wigginton was released at the beginning of July.  

Last year we had the Ron Gant Cardinals autograph and the Wade Boggs softball jersey from the All-Star game.  Softball jersey is a pretty self explanatory terrible card especially in a high end product like Dynasty.  Making a Ron Gant autograph in a Cardinals uniform, for those not familiar with their history together, would be akin to making a Jonathan Papelbon card in a Nationals jersey.  Maybe not quite that bad, but not far away.  

The winner this year?  I knew it the second I saw the card....

This card is just too terrible not to win.  This Craig Biggio 1/1 autograph comes out of the Topps Archives Signature product.  It's a per pack autograph of a Topps buyback card.  Some of the cards are really cool, most have a low serial number, and there are plenty of 1/1s.  I pulled one last weekend.  The set is actually a pretty cool concept.  Old Topps brand cards, not just Topps base set cards, signed and serial numbered.  Why on Earth is there a Donruss card in this product?

I guess there could have been a shortage of Biggio cards in the nickel bin at the card shows Topps bought back their cards.  It's possible it just got mixed into a stack somewhere along the line, or Craig Biggio thought it would be awesome to see if Topps was actually paying attention.  Whatever, it's just bad quality control.  Not cool Topps.


  1. That's just awesome - I almost wish it was done on purpose, a sly swipe at their rival... But then, that might be giving them too much credit.