Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Palm Beach Cool

Living in central North Carolina for the past decade has given me a healthy appreciation for minor league baseball.  As a card collector I have been really impressed by the number of products card companies now put out every year which feature future players who are still down on the farm.  There is always Bowman, but Topps has also added products like Pro Debut and Minor League Heritage to their line-up.  

I usually go for the Durham Bulls players first and then fan out to players from other teams whom I have enjoyed watching, Cardinals and Rays minor leaguers, and then just random players I like or view as having good potential.   Sadly this year I have not even touched the Topps Minor League set. I have had a few cards in mind, but have not seen them at a price I have been happy with until last week.  My new card.....

I am a pretty big fan of Cardinals pitching prospect of Marco Gonzales.  This card features the former Gonzaga star as a Palm Beach Cardinal which is the A ball team for St. Louis.  These are actually the same concept as the Hat Logo card which appear in the Pro Debut sets, but I like the look and design of this card a little bit better.  Third year in a row that Topps has double dipped on the Hat Logo cards in both sets, but the Pro Debut cards are limited to a maximum of 99 copies.  I am not sure what the print run is on these cards, not too easy to find, but I am guessing it's more than 99.  It would be cool to see the nicer product, Heritage Minor, have a catch with the logo cards.  Lower print run, color variations....something.  

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