Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bring Me A Supreme Sprinkle Doughnut

I am not always great about drawing the line with collecting cards from former Cardinals.  Sometimes when a player leaves under not so great circumstances it's really easy to cut the ties right then and there and move on to other players.  Other times, it's much more difficult.  It starts out with some sort of contemplation about whether or not to sell or trade their cards, followed by regularly checking their box scores, to just caving and still picking up some really sweet cards of that player.  

I liked Allen Craig when he was on the Cardinals.  He was a great hitter for several seasons and a really important part of the 2011 World Series team.  In Game 7 alone he hit the go ahead home run, robbed Nelson Cruz of a home run, and caught the final out.  I could make a whole post about his postseason antics that year.  So, six months after the Cardinals traded him to the Red Sox I am still sitting here adding his cards to my collection.  Two during the past few weeks.  

This card is numbered out of just 40 and features a really nice jumbo piece of grey road jersey from Craig.  While I am not thrilled that this card is a sticker autograph, it cost me just slightly more than $5.  I like the looks of the Topps Supreme cards too and I have not seen any players that I collect with this style of card.  I am going to have to go pick up my other Allen Craig autograph tomorrow and post it sometime next week.  Also a cool card.  

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