Saturday, December 13, 2014

Acetate Overload

I have probably pushed my limit on acetate cards this week.  There was a post giving a set of acetate cards a good award, a post giving an acetate card a bad award, an acetate autograph I picked up of Jason Heyward because I am not going all in on collecting him......Now this:

Acetates: The Summation of a Facebook Messenger Conversation

Fellow Collector:  "Hey, you collect acetate cards?"

Me: "Yes"

Fellow Collector:  "Hey, I am practically giving away these two acetate cards because, well, they are   
                                 cards of Jason Castro and Dan Haren"

Me: "Acetate!"  "Dan Haren was on the Cardinals for ten minutes once?"

Fellow Collector:  "Sure.  LOL"

Me:  "Paypal address?"

It's really rough right now.  I need a compelling backdrop to make the conversation seem more dramatic.  Maybe the negotiations could be a bit tenser, or the curtains in my living room should be on fire.  Something.  I am actually going to say that was pretty terrible and just show the cards.  By the way, I love the green grass background on the Haren card.  

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