Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Dollar You Say?

I am often left scratching my head at the prices of cards.  There is a lot of speculation that goes into determining the card prices of some of the younger players, but do collectors actually follow up and watch these guys play games?  I could find a ton of collectors who have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on Kris Bryant cards, but how many of them actually have taken the time to watch him play a whole game?  

Luckily the speculation surrounding young players is a two way street.  As often as I am left scratching my head at people who spend thousands on a player like Kris Bryant, not to say he won't be good-I would not spend that sort of money on most Trout cards, I am equally as baffled when there are really good young players who don't sell at all.  

For example, I am a pretty big fan of Blue Jays prospect Aaron Sanchez.  I have heard the same tired argument about him for the past year which include:

  1. He's pitched in the Minors for five years and has only won 18 games
  2. His career ERA is almost 3.50
  3. He's on the Blue Jays
  4. Norris and Stroman are better

All of these are really silly and I do not care about any of them.  Depending on the source, Aaron Sanchez is a top 20-30 prospect in all of baseball.  Throughout his Minor League career he has almost averaged a strikeout per inning, and despite not winning many games, has pitched very well throughout his journey to the Majors.  In fact, I love Marcus Stroman, but I like Aaron Sanchez more.  Sorry Marcus.  Norris, maybe not.  

The Blue Jays currently have the talented right hander pitching out of the bullpen where he has appeared in 22 games, pitched 30 innings, and has a great ERA of 1.19.  Oh, and his ERA+ is 334, FIP is 2.70, and WHIP is 0.692.  I'm not sure he's going to make it with those numbers.  

Collectors are still sleeping on this guy.  My latest pick up is a copy of the Aaron Sanchez 2014 Topps Chrome autograph.  

The best part about getting this card, as the title suggests, is the price.  One dollar is a bargain for any autograph, but especially for a guy who has the potential to be something pretty good.  Stop sleeping on this guy, go out and pick up a copy of these for your collection.  

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