Thursday, May 29, 2014

Working Through My Computer Pains

The Snorting Bull is computerless.  For the last few years I have sat down at my trusty IMac and shared my cards with everyone and anyone who was willing to stop by and read what I had to say.  This weekend, after an upgrade to OS Mavericks, the IMac was a little snarky.  As the week has progressed it has become worse and worse.  Now, it does not even boot it smart mode.  Sure, I could blame OS Mavericks (and I do), but instead I am going to make due for a few days until I get a new computer.  I can still come on here and talk baseball cards.  I'll just use another computer, but you will have to look at pictures instead of scans.  That's just the way it is......

 In happier news, I picked up three new cards from long-time card trader/seller on Facebook.  If you are ever looking to unload a cool Brewers card or are looking for some nice cards to buy Ryan Marcus King Dee is one of the best around.  I originally had asked him about a post he made feature a printing plate of former Rays prospect, now a National, Felipe Rivero.

I really liked Felipe and I am not quite sure why the Rays swapped him out with Jose Lobaton for Nate Karns.  Don't get me wrong, I like Nate Karns, but I am not sure that he's that much better than Rivero.  Although Felipe Rivero is having a rough start to his first season with the Nationals, and in Double A, he is still projected by most to be a possible middle of the rotation starter.  He's also a pretty cool follow on Twitter.  Never had a huge Felipe Rivero collection, but I still like his cards and I loved the 1964 Topps design that was used for the Heritage brand cards for last year.  Could not pass by the chance for a cool  printing plate. 

 I also snagged two other nice autographed cards from Ryan.  The first is a Joe Kelly Bowman autograph.  Pretty self-explanatory pick-up.  Cardinals player.  Autograph.  That simple.  Kelly actually has several autographs and I have been good about adding new ones as they are released, but still have some holes in some of the old certified autographs.  I think this might actually catch me up.  Maybe.  

Last card is more of a college baseball player than what he has done in the Majors, second baseman Derek Dietrich.  I was excited that the Rays drafted him out of Georgia Tech in 2011 with their second round pick, but they traded him to the Marlins in exchange for their current starting shortstop Yunel Escobar.  Dietrich was a good player at Georgia Tech, but was not super flashy or an all-conference player.  He just had a good all around game and was always a fun player to keep an eye on. 

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