Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lost In Box

I have a pretty large collection of cards.  A few thousand autographs, relics.  Plenty of cool rookies, serial numbered cards, short prints and that does not even touch the hundreds of sets that I have put together during the 31 years I have collected baseball cards.  I keep the lion's share of my autographs, relics, and other cool cards in a bunch of 800 count boxes.  These boxes have some of my favorite cards.  They are my pride, my joy, and are never far from my side while I working on my cards. 

Most nights I sit down at my desk, open my mail, and type up my daily post.  If I am doing a post on cards already in my collection, like my Collecting the Durham Bulls tread, then I sort through my boxes and find the cards I need for my post.  Every once in awhile while digging through my boxes looking for cards, or while putting away a recent aquisition I stumble on something really cool that I have never post on my blog.  It's one thing that I should probably do a better job of as a long time collector with a collection that was already pretty large before venturing into the world of blogging. 

So, here goes....

I spend a fair amount of time collecting cards, writing about cards, and watching baseball.  I have to squeeze it into my evenings in between story time and trucks with my three year old or walks with my wife.  Through in chores around the house, grading papers from school, a little lesson planning.  Baseball games are a steady background noise.  One player I have had an eye on this year is Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon.  Having a great season.  I have a few of his cards flagged to watch on Ebay and COMC and have also seen one or two floating around on a trade room. 

While putting away my newest Matt Carpenter card I flipped past the card of a Minor League autograph from the 2010 Topps Pro Debut set.  I remembered the picture on the card and I remember picking the card up in a big lot of autographs in a Facebook trade when the set was first released.  I just did not remember the name on the front of the card.  Well, I can stop looking...

Perhaps I need to spend an afternoon looking through my boxes and find a few nice surprises that I did not remember having in my collection.  I am sure I could probably make a few posts out of the cards tucked away inside the boxes.  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this awesome find, even if it was here in my office all the time. 

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  1. Nice find. I should dig through some of my tradebait to see if I have a Blackmon laying around.