Saturday, April 5, 2014

Collecting the Durham Bulls: Robby Price

Next up on my collecting the Durham Bulls posts is infielder Robby Price.  Price is not on the Rays Top 20 prospect list and very little is ever mentioned of him, but he's one of those players every team needs around.  Price has spent time playing both second and third and has even dabbled a little bit in the outfield.  While his stat line does not show power or speed numbers Price is an excellent on-base guy.

During his four year minor league career the Kansas grad has posted a total of 215 walks versus 167 strikeouts and a career OBP of .383.  I would expect that Price will be coming off the bench for the Bulls, but I like the idea of having a player who can come in and provide good defense and make some pitchers work during the late innings.  Plus, I have been told by Biscuits fans that he was pretty clutch.

Baseball card wise the options are pretty limited for Price.  Unfortunately that can happen sometimes with minor leaguers.  The best option for collecting Price cards at the moment is to find the parallels of his cards in the 2012 Bowman set.  There were a ton of the them....

I have one.  I believe this is a Blue Wave refractor, but it could also be the icy one.  2012 Bowman had parallels by the dozens.  The Price cards are super affordable too.  Almost everything is a dollar or two.  Some of the really hard to find parallels look like they might touch $5, but if you are patient I am sure you can find them cheaper.  Price also has a few team issued minor league cards floating around too. 

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