Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tip of the Proverbial Iceberg

I spent my morning doing work for my day job, but broke away midday to stop by my favorite local card shop Big D's Cards in Raleigh North Carolina.  I had picked up a few cards over the past few weeks that the owner Jimmy had been holding onto for me, plus added a few other things to my collection while I was in the store.  I sat down and watched the NC State/Duke basketball game and sorted through the cards and had to come up with a plan of attack to post all of the goodies that ended up in my collection this afternoon.  Just like the past two weeks have been filled with plenty of 2002 card sets, after sorting out all of my 2002 baseball cards, the next week might be all about one trip into the card shop.

Let's get started first with some of the single cards I picked up today.  As discussed in previous posts, one of the best parts of having a local card shop is the fact that you have an extra set of eyes and ears to help you build your collection.  I leave my house around 6:30 each morning and get home some time in between 5:00 and 5:30.  During my work day I miss out on all sorts of cards.  No problems, my card shop has my back.  So, the first card I added to my collection I saw about two weeks ago on the Big D's Facebook page:

I have really enjoyed watching Machado the past year and a half and not added many Machado cards to my collection.  I did pick up one Bowman autograph last year, but that was a sticker autograph versus this awesome on-card signature.  I sat on the card for a day and was not sure I was going to pick it up, but then Jimmy posted another incredible autographed card, which I decided to bundle together with this Machado.  My other card:

Yes, it's a Longoria autograph which is always on my radar, but that patch piece is incredible.  Just filthy.  I had to add this card to my collection and was happy that Jimmy gave me a chance to add this card to my collection.  I have Longoria autographs, but I do not have one with this cool of a patch piece.  In fact, I am not sure I have a Longoria card with this cool of a patch piece.  Besides picking up these two cards, I also did a little bit of wax.  That's for a few other posts, but before I left I picked up one more cool single card:

This card is a Topps Vault card which is the front proof for Longo's 2010 Topps Opening card.  I added a Leslie Anderson card like this a few months back.   Jimmy had picked up a lot of Longoria cards over the past week and still had this card leftover from the lot.  I am not huge on one of ones, but I do really like some of the stuff on the Topps Vault and it was well priced.  It came with the usual paperwork from Topps.....

While I only picked up three single cards for my collection today I felt like I came out really well with these cards.  All three are really great adds and would have made my day at the card shop if they had been the only card I had picked up that day.  Adding all three at once was awesome.  A tip of the cap to Jimmy for looking out for me and helping me add some amazing pieces.  If you live in North Carolina a trip to Big D's is a must, or if you are somewhere else in the country be sure to follow Jimmy on Twitter or Facebook. 

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