Friday, March 28, 2014

Drumroll Please....

About a week and half ago I was driving home from work and I glanced down at my phone.  I had a bunch of push notifications from Twitter which went along the lines of:

The Tweet was followed by a few congratulations from some collectors on Twitter.  I knew nothing about Heroes of Sport before this tweet, but it actually looks like a pretty cool product.  If you do not want to click the link they are a high-end memorabilia multi-sport company which sells boxes filled with various goodies ranging from cool autographs and cards to actual game used memorabilia.  There are a few videos of their box breaks floating around on the internet which are awesome to watch.  

I could not quite figure out what I won from the tweet, but I was patient and figured that I would just have a really good mail day at some point in the near future....

After braving the final day of school before Spring Break I walked my students to their buses, picked up my classroom, and whisked the little man home for a restful three week break.  We stopped for Chinese food too.  Waiting in my mail box was a package from Heroes of Sport.  The envelope was padded and stamped: Do Not Bend.  Inside.....

This is easily the best football autograph I own.  I do not own many, but it's still a really cool item to win in a free giveaway.  The 8x10 autographed photo of Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana comes with a PSA/DNA certification.  Again, awesome prize and a huge thank you to Cardsmiths Breaks and Heroes of Sport for the great prize! 


  1. Congratulations! It's always cool to add an autograph of one of the greatest of all-time to your collection.