Friday, March 21, 2014

A Kuckleball Closer

There are not too many Cardinals autographs in this year's Topps Heritage set, but one of the autographs really caught my eye.  The autograph belongs to mid 60s Cardinals closer Barney Schultz who was the closer on the 1964 World Championship team.  He threw a knuckleball.

Good knuckleballs always seem to give batters fits, but I can imagine it would be quite difficult to chase after a long afternoon of Bob Gibson fastballs.  Schultz broke in with the Cardinals in the late 50s, spent a few years on the Cubs, and finished his career on the Cardinals in 1965.  His best season came in 1964 when he posted an ERA of 1.64 and an ERA+ of 234.  That's 234.  Aroldis Chapman posted an ERA+ of 151 last year.  Kimbrel was over 300.  I was surprised that Schultz appeared in a certified autograph set, but happy to add the card.  

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  1. I love this card. I am going to have to look for one too.