Thursday, August 29, 2013

Durham Bulls Chipper Jones Bobblehead

I forget about all of the other things that float into my collection beyond baseball cards that would be cool to post in my blog space.  I had a cool piece enter my collection this week that I have decided to share.  Maybe I will post a few more during the next week.

The past week the Durham Bulls honored former Braves third baseman, and future Hall of Famer, Chipper Jones.  The team had a ceremony before the game where he became the fourth Durham Bulls player to have his jersey retired.  The others are Johnny Evers, Joe Morgan, and Crash Davis.  A work event prevented me from attending the game, so here's a picture from the Durham Herald-Sun.

Jones played seventy games for the Durham Bulls at shortstop as while he was in A ball.  While he was not in Durham a long time, it does not take a long appearance in a Minor League city for a player to have a huge impact.  I remember watching Evan Longoria and David Price play for the Bulls, and while their stay in AAA was short, I am sure they will be among the best players I get to witness playing minor league baseball.  My baseball fans in the area who witnessed Jones brief stay with the Bulls say the same thing about him: short time, great impact.

Besides missing out on the ceremony and seeing Chipper Jones in person, I also missed out on the Stadium Giveaway of a Chipper Jones bobblehead.  Luckily, someone was kind enough to pick me up an extra bobble which I really like:

Chipper Jones time in Durham came in 1992, so the polyester Bulls uniform and plain blue hat fit the era perfectly.  The face is not a dead ringer for Chipper, but it's not too far away.  The base is also kind of a cool oval shape, though I would liked to have seen a bobble of Chipper hitting.  The back of course features the most important feature of the bobble:

The retired number 10 of Chipper Jones.  I was curious about where and when Jones started wearing the number 10, but could not find any history of his jersey numbers in the minors.  Overall, I really like this bobble head and proudly place it on my Durham Bulls shelf in my man cave.


  1. Chipper is cool.
    SGA bobbles are cooler.
    Chipper bobbles are the coolest.

  2. Awesome pick up. Getting a bobblehead like that means you owe that person big time. While hitting sounds cool I think that one looks perfect. Maybe a bat over the shoulder, but other than that I think I prefer the look it has.