Friday, April 27, 2012

2009 Donruss Elite Shelby Miller

Ever since Donruss/Panini/Playoff lost it's license to produce official baseball cards back in 2005 I have not been busting a lot of their wax, or thought highly enough of their products to pursue collecting them.  The one exception is the college patches.  Really cool.  Today I was lucky enough to snag this card in a large deal with a shop in Iowa.

Shelby Miller is one of the up and coming pitching prospects in the game and is rated by most publications as a top 10 prospect and one of the best starting pitchers around.  I have several other autographed Miller cards, including another copy of this card, but I have high hopes for the future and the value of his cards.  Miller does have several appearances in Bowman products which have included autographs, jerseys, and inserts.  Great player to keep an eye in the future!

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