Monday, May 29, 2023

Around The Card Room, Take 7.

My card room is lined by shelves of bobbleheads. At this point, I add sparingly to the collection. There is not an infinite amount of space around the room and I am picky about which bobbleheads make the cut. It's got to be a great bobblehead of a player that I really like to get a space these days.  

For this week's post, I thought it would be fun to revisit my first bobblehead.  

Here's Jimmy.........

The Cardinals gave away this Jim Edmonds bobblehead at some point in 2001 to celebrate his 2000 Gold Glove Award. As previous discussed in another post, all the early Cardinals bobbleheads were attached to some sort of award. The Cardinals gave away three bobbleheads in 2001. Mike Matheny and Jim Edmonds were two of three, along with Mark McGwire.  

This bobble has started to show its age.

The red piping around the edges of Edmonds sleeves and the middle of the jersey has faded to a pink color. The Cardinals logo is a sticker, which has started to crinkle and is slipping on the right side.  

The back is similar.  

You can see the edges of the sticker, especially on the left side of the bobble.  

The rest of the color on the bobblehead has stayed true. Edmonds shoes, hat, and belt are all still red. The baseball diamond and Coca-Cola logo on the bottom have also maintained their color, as has the gold on his glove.  

The bottom of the bobblehead is labeled for his Gold Glove.  

I think some of the black paint from my shelves has ended up on the base. Might try to clean that up a bit while I have it off the shelf.  

Overall, not the best looking bobblehead, nor my favorite, but certainly a memorable one.  


  1. I like that they connected the bobble to accomplishment. Pretty cool!

    1. Definitely wish more teams did this with their bobbles. Unfortunately, the Cardinals have largely abandoned this practice.

  2. You always remember your first! Actually... I'm struggling to remember my very first bobble... now that I mention it.

    1. My long-term memory is great. Short-term memory, that's a problem.

  3. I hadn't heard of bobbles "aging" before. I don't know if I can say that it's interesting, but it is something new.


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