Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2023 Blake Snell Autograph Count: 3

This has been my best month for posting in nearly three years. The last time I made 12 posts in month was in November of 2020. Almost makes me want to make another post tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am not sure that time will allow.  

In the meantime, I have my second Blake Snell autograph in the past week and third of the year.  

This card is from Topps Chrome Cosmic.  

I like the Topps Chrome autographs and have been looking to pick up a copy of this card since they were released last summer. However, it was popular, the autographs have long odds, and many have low print-runs. I love collecting Blake Snell autograph, but I am not going to spend $50 plus for a glorified Topps Chrome card.  

That sounded like I was putting the card down, but it's not a matter of design, rather just the price I am willing to pay for a Snell autograph.  

Overall, I really like this card. Would I spend half a year looking for one if I didn't like it? I love the colorful backgrounds and the space theme. Who would have guessed that you could put a purple and teal background on a Padres card and have it turn out this well? The patterns are nice and add to the card, but they aren't loud or pulling your attention away from the photo of Snell in his windup.  

I have seen collectors suggest that these cards look like Topps Fire or Bowman's Best, but they actually remind me a bit of the space themed inserts in the late 1990s EX sets.

Like this one........

On to the back of the card......

You remember when that last Blake Snell autographed card had player stats and interesting information?

Not this one, but that's alright. The front more than carries this card.  


  1. It's been nice to have you blogging so much again.

    1. and just when I mention it, I go a week without a post. I am messing with my win streak.

  2. I was just gonna say that I wrote a post that featured a purple and teal Padres card... but I was wrong. they are purple and teal A's cards (1992 Score Proctor & Gamble). Congratulations on landing your 3rd Snell autograph of 2023... and writing your 12th post of the month. The last time I did that was February of 2022.

  3. I jinxed myself by writing this into my last post of March, because I have hardly had any time to post this month and my upcoming schedule looks slammed.