Saturday, March 25, 2023

2023 Blake Snell Autograph Count: 2

My latest Snell autograph is from the 2022 Topps Five Star product. I was really worried about the quality of this card when I first purchased it two weeks back, but instead was pleasantly surprised.

Here is the card.  

My big worry was that white strip that Snell autographed.  

Over the years, card companies have taken steps to fancy up sticker autographs. While Five Star has never had sticker autographs, I would not put it past Topps to do it. When I saw these cards, that white strip reminded me of the Upper Deck stickers from products like UD Etchings and SPX.  

Here is an example.  

This is a sticker autograph.  

Well, after investigating the front of the card for all of ten seconds, I can tell you that the white strip is printed onto the card and is not a sticker. I was relieved, because I have always liked the Five Star cards.  The design here is pretty solid, but the best feature is the thick card stock, which does not really show up in a scan. You're going to have to trust me here.  

The back is nice too.  

I love that Topps ditched the "Congratulations, you've gotten an autograph" form letter on the back in favor of information and statistics. I love that there was some thought and energy put into the design here and that they came up with something that fit the theme of the product. This is a Five Star autograph, and as a Blake Snell fan, I get five career highlights/statistics.  

I just wish there was some Kevin Cash shaming here. Something like, "...pulled in the sixth inning of an elimination game in the World Series while throwing a two hitter with nine strikeouts" 

Look, they still fit in the disclaimer in really small font. 

Great card.  


  1. This is the main card I've been eyeing for my Padres PC. If I can find it in my price range, I'll grab it. The other card I'm interested in landing is his 2022 Tier One.

    1. Both are great choices. I am pumped up to see him pitch for the Padres on Opening Day. Hope it's a great season for him.

  2. I would've thought that it was a sticker too. It's always nice when you can say that you weren't disappointed by a modern card.

    1. I laughed when I read this comment, because it's true. Should be a series of posts, "Modern Cards That Didn't Let Me Down"

  3. Great looking card, and even better that it's a hard signed auto.

    I just saw a Snell auto from a similar set for $4 on COMC. Hope you grabbed that one.

    1. I did buy a few more Snell autographs off of COMC in the last week. You will have to tell me if the card pops up in a future post.