Thursday, August 18, 2022

2022 Blake Snell Autograph Count: 3

Another new Blake Snell autograph that it is not all that new.  Similar to the last Blake Snell autograph I posted, this card is a parallel of one that I already own. Today's card comes out of the 2018 Topps Inception set. It's one of those pricy Topps products, but they give you sticker autographs. Even if they had on-card autographs, I would still be buying single cards.  

Here is the newest Snell autograph. 

It's obviously the red parallel and serial numbered to 25 copies. The lower serial numbered parallels in this set just come with more interesting patch pieces. Since I am not really all that interested in patch pieces, I guess it gave me a good excuse to skip this card back in the day. My first copy of this card was serial numbered to 249 and had a piece of the blue trim from his pants or sleeve. Now, I own a piece of a letter from the "RAYS" script on the front of Snell's jersey.

Well, a jersey that was possibly sitting in his locker at some point.  

Back of the card.  


Someone from Topps watched Blake Snell sign that sticker and he also once wore the jersey.



  1. So, someone from Topps was also there to watch him wear the jersey too? It's not necessarily the kind of card I would go after, but I do like non-traditional shape of the cut-out. The shade of red that they used is rather attractive, too.

    1. There are not many more recent Topps products with good parallel colors, but this is actually one of them. It sounds weird, but the pink parallels in this set are also really good. The shading is almost the same as the pink used on the Red Man Tobacco cards.