Sunday, June 25, 2017

I Wish You Were A Cardinal....Part 2

I have already spent a little bit of time on Joe McEwing this week, so I am not going to rehash the whole thing with Cardinals and and the former utility player.  There is a little history with Cardinals utility players popping up in Archives sets.  One of the coolest autographs that Topps has put into this product in recent years were the Jose Oquendo cards which were in the 2012 set.

Oquendo was dubbed "The Secret Weapon" because he was always somewhere in the lineup, but Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog played him all over the place.

So when Oquendo signed for the 2012 set they included nine different variations for his autograph, one for each of the positions that he played during his career.  That's all of them.

McEwing's entry into the Archives set isn't quite as cool as Oquendo's entry into the Archives set for two reasons.  First, there are not nine different variations of the McEwing card.  "Super Joe" also never really played all nine positions though, so I can live with that one.  Second, the McEwing Archives autograph features him as a Met.

and the back of the card too.  

While a McEwing card with him in a Cardinals uniform would have fit my collection better, he actually spent the majority of his career with the Mets.  Still happy to have this card and also really surprised that Topps even made a McEwing autograph.  Very cool card.  

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