Saturday, June 10, 2017

Almost Irrelevant

The 253rd pick in the NFL Draft is the very last selection in the draft.  The player picked in that slot is given the dubious title of "Mr. Irrelevant".  Not sure that really happens in any other sport, but it seems to be a big deal amongst the football crowd.  As a St. Louis native, I have given up on the NFL in so many ways.  The Cardinals moved to Phoenix when I was a kid.  The Rams moved to St. Louis while I was in high school, but moved back to Los Angeles for a truck load of money.

I can't really get into the Panthers.  For the most part I just kind of follow the former NC State players that are in the league.  Phillip Rivers and Russell Wilson are probably the most prominent.  Although, maybe Russell Wilson is a Wisconsin guy?  Kind of depends on the temperature, stock market, and direction of the wind whether he's an NC State or Wisconsin guy......

Best answer is "A Whole Pack of Badgers"

This year's draft crop out of NC State really seemed to consist of defensive back Josh Jones, who went in the second round to the Packers, and running back Matt Dayes.  I am a big fan of Dayes from his time in Raleigh.  He has spent a lot of time on the field and is near the top of the offensive leader boards in the football program's history.  

and what's not to love?  He's got speed to out run people.....

and the ability to run inside.  During the "Hurricane Matthew Game" against Notre Dame Dayes had 126 rushing yards compared to Notre Dame's 110 total yards....

However, running backs are not quite valued the same way in modern football as they were 20 years ago.  If Dayes had played in the 1980s, or 1990s, he would have been picked at some point during the top half of the draft.  Still not a first round pick, but definitely a guy who is going to have a productive career somewhere.  So, in the modern world of the NFL where does a solid college running back get picked?

Next to last.  

Dayes was almost irrelevant.  

Despite being taken that low in the draft Panini still managed to put a Dayes card into their Elite Draft Picks set.  It's a sticker autograph and dirt cheap, but it's really fun to see find cards of your favorite college players in their college uniform.  Here's a look at the card......

I am really surprised that Dayes actually had a card of any kind in an NC State uniform.  Especially considering that Josh Jones, second round Packers pick, was not given an NC State card.  He just has some unlicensed stuff with him wearing a white football uniform.  I am pretty sure that the Dayes card was put out before the NFL Draft, so I am guessing Panini thought he was going to get picked much higher than where he went.  

Dayes was almost irrelevant, but I am hoping that a lot of football fans will be taking about him at some point in the near future.  

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