Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Wish You Were A Cardinal...Part 3

More Archives.  I have really spent a lot of time trying to pick up the Cardinals autographs out of this year's set, but many of the former Redbirds in the set are actually wearing some other uniform on their card besides the birds on the bat.  A quick review.

There was Joe McEwing, pictured as a Met, but started out his career as a Cardinal.

and there was also an Edgar Renteria card.  Edgar started out with the Marlins, but spent some of his better years in St. Louis.  One of the really good postseason performers of the past twenty years with essentially two World Series clinching hits.

While he wasn't on the Marlins for long, I get that he had a World Series walk off for them.  That seems pretty important.

On to another Archives card of a former Cardinals player, not pictured as a Cardinals player on their baseball card.  Although it was really awesome to see Topps put a card of this guy into a new product.  He was one of my favorite Cardinals players from the 1990s.  Here's a glance at one of his most important hits as a Cardinal....

Bo Jackson's best years as a baseball player were better than Jordan's best years, but Jordan had a better overall career than both Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.  I really enjoyed Jordan as a Cardinals even though he played on some bad teams during the 1990s and ended up being overshadowed by Mark McGwire during his prime years as a Cardinal.  

Here's a look at the Archives card of BJ as a member of the Atlanta Braves.  

Jordan was still a pretty solid player as a Brave and he had played in Atlanta as a member of the Falcons during his football career.  He also ended up playing with the Braves in four different Postseasons.  His best moments playing in Atlanta probably came in 1999 when he hit 3 home runs and drove in 12 runs in 10 postseason games against the Astros and Mets.  

Back of the card. 

That's a pretty nice career right there.  I am happy that Jordan was a signer in this year's Archives set. He has not really done a lot of certified autographs with the last one coming in the 1999 UD Hologrfx World Series Relics which were limited to just 33 copies.  

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  1. His '98 season was huge. Of course, when some guy almost triples your HR numbers, you're bound to get overshadowed.