Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Wish You Were An Expo

I am not going to put together an Archives set for this year, but I am on the look out for a few of the autographs.  I picked up a few the other week from my favorite case breaker and will be sharing them over the next few days.  A whole bunch of Cardinal types, but I am going to start out by sharing a non-Cardinal.

Most people who were around for the 90s probably best remember Mark Langston as a member of the Angels.  If you were around for the 80s you probably also remember him as a Mariner.  Langston had a few other stops in his career outside of Seattle and Anaheim, many of which happened at the end of his career, but there was also one year with the Expos in the middle of his time in the Majors.  He traded from the Mariners to the Expos for some prospect named Randy Johnson.  Fair prospect.

I saw Mark Langston as an Expo.  I also saw him as a Padre, but that's for another day, if not a completely missable post topic.  I never saw him in person as an Angel, but here I am with a Mark Langston Angels card out of this year's Topps Archives set.....

I didn't really have a choice in teams, but I wish this was an Expos card.  Sure, the 1990s Angels had those three cool left handed starters: Langston, Chuck Finley, and Jim Abbott.  Still, who doesn't want more Expos cards?  I have never heard anyone say, "I am so tired of all these Expos cards" 

At least the back of the card mentions the Expos in his career stats.....

There it is near the top of the yearly stats.  That Padres year is also in there.  Pretty sure I saw one of the 4 wins against the Cardinals on my 21st birthday.  Topps should get some kudos here for making a nice 1992 Topps card.  I like the 1992 set, but you know what else was around in 1992?  The Expos.  I wish this was an Expos card.  I will wish some other card was some other team tomorrow night, or maybe Friday.  


  1. I was pumped to see Langston on the Fan Favorites checklist. Had to grab him for my Lefty project.

    1. He's in the top 10 all-time leaders in strikeouts by a left handed pitcher. Johnson and Carlton are way out ahead of everyone else, but there are a bunch of guys bunched up in the mid 2000s including Langston. He's actually only about 400 Ks short of 3rd, which is Mickey Lolich.