Saturday, July 30, 2016

Things I Am Sorting Part 3

I have not posted an update yet on the two set projects that I undertook a while back, but the cards have been slowly trickling in over the past weeks.  The set has been a little bit trickier to assemble than I imagined it would be when I first broke the cards out the box and typed up my list.  Here is a look at the stack of cards I have added and need to sort into the cards that I already had.....

If it looks like a lot of cards, maybe too many, you're being observant.  Here are some of the things that I have run into while trying to run down the cards I need:

  1. It's not too difficult to find sellers and traders who have these cards who are willing to part with them as a lot.  Meaning, I can pick up several cards by trading away other doubles from other sets helping a fellow collector do the same thing I am doing, complete a set.  Buying lots of these cards is generally not expensive either.  However, buying and trading for lots also creates doubles which is why the stack in the picture above looks a lot bigger than what it should be considering the set is not complete.  
  2. There are certain singles in this set that are for sale, but are ridiculous in price.  I like this set, it looks cool, and I know that there are other collectors who feel the same way about it.  Still, I am not sure that the cards in the set are worth upwards of $10 for a single.  Yet, some of them cost that much on Ebay and COMC.  I have out waited one person and found a star player from the set for about $2 while the only copy of the card on COMC was $8.  Of course, the other problem with over priced cards on sites like EBay is that collectors use them as a reference point.  The card costs $10 there, or on COMC, you find a collector who has it and the first thing they do is reference the sites and quote you the same price.  I want a complete set, but I am not going to get ripped off putting it together.  
  3. There are cards that are seriously difficult to find.  Seems to happen every time I try to put something together from the late 1990s.  Like the Topps Tek Jason Kendall card.  

Anyway, I just had 9 more cards from the set show up in my mailbox yesterday afternoon.  Here's a look at the cards.....

A little bit more detailed post about the cards I have added, and the ones I still need, will be up later this week.  

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  1. Love that set. Gotta imagine that stack has some weight to it. Best of luck on picking up the remaining cards you need.