Monday, July 18, 2016

A Venerable Old Card Part 22

So there is this really good Dodgers prospect named Jose DeLeon.  He has a bunch of cards out, he's been rated in the Top 100 Prospects almost universally across the board, and he seems well liked.  So,  this weekend I was working on finishing up a trade when the other party asked me about Jose DeLeon cards.  He was a Pirates fan, but naturally I pulled out a few cards of the Dodgers kid....

Welp, wrong Jose DeLeon and I probably should have known better as a Cardinals fan.  After all, for a few years in the late 1980s, Jose DeLeon was a pretty good pitcher for the Cardinals.  I was really surprised that someone was asking me for the 1980s version of Jose DeLeon.  Maybe, I was a little unprepared, but it was fun to look back through some of my old late 1980s and 1990s Cardinals cards when DeLeon pitched in St. Louis.  

Apparently, the guy I was trading with met him once as a kid in Pittsburgh and has collected his cards for more than 30 years.  Sounded like a cool and unique collection.  In the end, I ended up finding a few oddball DeLeon cards to pass along to the first ever Jose DeLeon collector I have encountered.  

My favorite out of the group of cards traded was a duplicate of a 1991 St. Louis Police Cardinals Stadium Giveaway.  

While the old Cardinals team set giveaways are not too difficult to find, they were given away in essentially wrapped in a plain white envelope with the cards loose inside.  I found this picture off of an Ebay auction showing the cards in their original envelope....

The majority of the baseball card giveaways that I picked up from Busch Stadium as a kid are definitely in rough shape, but about fifteen years ago I found almost all of the sets, in great condition, at a little card shop outside of St. Louis.  I was happy that a little purchase from a card shop fifteen years ago could help out a fellow collector and help me pick out an old card for my weekly Monday post.  

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